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Construction of the CPC School gym


Specific sector:
Civil construction


Michele Arnaboldi Architetti Sagl



The project consisted in building a new gymnasium for the students of the CPC School between the historic building and the existing park. The Professional Shopping Centre of Locarno has consequently expanded its offer with a basement gym that owes its luminosity to some skylights on the roof-garden, which characterize the upper part of the park. The new building is fully built in fair-faced concrete, with insulation and wood paneling in the gym. Plastered masonry has instead been used for the changing rooms. For this specific project we were directly involved in the building works. The whole building stands out because of its large 16 m overhang on the south side of the facade. The static overhang is supported by a pre-compressed beam that discharges the load onto a reinforced concrete wall. On the west side, the load is supported by a second wall beam. Finally, indoors, the gym background is supported by pairs of pre-compressed concrete beams and a concrete slab.


Construction, Work management
Civil construction