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Static reports


Our static surveys certify the scope, usability and livability of an existing building. A static suitability survey is an in-depth analysis carried out by a qualified technician who certifies the safety conditions of a building’s load-bearing structure.

It is recommended both to check the current scope of an outdated building and following structural interventions like renovations or extraordinary maintenance.



You can request a static report from us:


  • Following structural changes
  • For accessibility requests
  • In the event of changes of a building usability (downgrading, change of use or imposition of restrictions)

How we carry out our surveys


Our technicians study in detail the geometry of the building, along with the history of all the interventions carried out over the years, and then carry out a series of on-site surveys to determine the condition of the ground, examine the materials used for the sub-structure and super-structure, and assess their current state.

We check for cracks, structural settlements or damages in the structure and, in case of instability or sagging, we provide advice on reinforcement and adjustment initiatives.

Our skills

Structural testing0%

Usability assessment0%

Assessment of the usage conditions modifications0%

Assessment following structural changes0%